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We are confident that we will offer the HIGHEST rate for ALL unwanted , scrap jewelry! Whether it be a broken ring/necklace to dental gold, WE TAKE IT ALL! Not sure if you're jewelry is even real? Bring it by and we will gladly test your gold for FREE!

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Most pawn shops look at jewelry with diamonds and give you just the gold price. We here at Asheboro Gold & Pawn will even give you more cash for your diamonds! Bring it in, and we'll gladly look at your diamond(s). Not sure if it's real? We can test yours for FREE!

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We offer loans as low as $5 to even $1 million! YES, $1 MILLION! We take all types of items such as Gold, Diamonds, Watches, Electronics, Power Tools, Musical Instruments, Motorcycle/Scooters and MUCH MORE! 

We offer 90-day pawns meaning you do not have to make a payment or pick it up until your 90th day! Interest will go up every 30 days until your expiration date. 

Need an extension? Make a single interest payment to extend it 30 more days! Can't make it? Please give us a call and we will gladly work with you if you are needing additional time for your loan(s).

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